The Best Moments Happen At The Table...

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The AssetLock Story

The kitchen table brings families together to celebrate, reflect and plan for the future. It is where ideas are born and where AssetLock was started. It was during the 2008 financial crises as we watched investors suffer, we thought, “there must be a better way”, to help investors achieve their financial goals and address their fears of investing in the stock market. So by focusing on this objective, we developed AssetLock to help investors protect what they have earned and provide them with an added peace-of-mind when the markets get volatile.

We continue to this day, nurturing AssetLock the way in which it began, at the kitchen table—keeping our families in mind as we help you protect your family’s financial future.

AssetLock® is tracking software used to monitor the performance of a client’s portfolio, and to predetermine the amount of downside the client is willing to tolerate. It is NOT an actual stop order and will NOT automatically sell the individual securities in the portfolio. Therefore, the AssetLock® value is a reference point to encourage a conversation between the advisor/firm and the client to determine if the client’s portfolio should remain unchanged, reset the AssetLock® percentage by reallocating to a different risk profile, liquidate part or all of their portfolio or opt out of AssetLock®.