A: AssetLock is a tracking software used to monitor the performance of your investment account. We are different because we allow you to choose the amount of downside you are willing to tolerate. You are in control of this number, and may change it as your needs change.
A: AssetLock is NOT a stop loss strategy. Should your portfolio reach its AssetLock value, you and your advisor will be notified either by email or text.
A: It’s as easy as meeting with an AssetLock Equipped Advisor! Please visit the Advisor Finder page for more information about how to find one in your area.
A: As we believe keeping you informed is key to peace of mind, we need your contact information so we are able to continuously communicate your account status with you. Rest assured that every measure of security has been taken to protect everything you choose to share with us, and we will never share your information with a third party without your knowledge.
A: Your money will be held in an investment account with your chosen custodian. AssetLock will not have access to your funds. Our software will simply be added to monitor the performance of your assets.
A: You will have your own personal dashboard at AssetLock.com which will display information for you such as your account values, your AssetLock value, and the number of New Highs your accounts have achieved.
A: Yes. AssetLock has a warning system in place that will notify us and your advisor, and you when you've reached 75% of your AL value. Once confirmed, your account will have a yellow indicator on your dashboard to alert you as well.
A: There is no limit to the number of accounts that can be monitored by AssetLock.