A: If you would like to become an AssetLock Equipped Advisor, please visit the Join The Movement page and answer a few simple questions for us. We will contact you promptly with more information, and we'll go from there!
A: AssetLock provides a level of peace of mind for your clients no one else can match. We constantly monitor your client's portfolios, and we will alert you of any change in status. This way, you will be aware of the activity inside your client's portfolios, and will be able to better anticipate your client's needs should the Stock Market prove to be unfavorable. We will also send you an alert every time your client's accounts reach a New High, so that you may continue to celebrate their financial successes with them.
A: No. AssetLock is NOT a stop loss strategy.
A: AssetLock is not a stop loss strategy because we will not automatically sell the individual securities in your client's portfolio. A member of the AssetLock team will review your client's account, and notify you and the money management firm, to confirm their AssetLock value has been reached due to Stock Market loss. The AssetLock value is a reference point to encourage a conversation between you and your client to determine how your clients would like to move forward after having reached their predetermined AssetLock value.